Integrated Patashalas

Integrated Patashalas

The Kanchi Integrated Patashalas established with the blessings of His Holiness Pujyashri Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal is an Unique & Holistic Education system that effectively imparts modern education coupled with traditional, Sanātana Dharma based cultural education in a stress-free, Empowering & Divine Environment. Our objective is to preserve and nurture the rich traditions of Indian Vedic culture to enrich future generations through Integrated Patashalas that give them the advantage of both modern and traditional education along with exposure to new technology. Further the Vidyarthis are provided training in Indian Traditional Music and Indian Languages.

Special emphasis is being laid on Nadaswaram – a South Indian traditional music . Boys and girls are being trained through specific integrated patashalas for the same. There is also an exclusive Sangeetha Patashalas and Naada Patashalas.

Training in traditional Indian herbal medicine preparation is being provided along with knowledge of herbs and how to identify them

Vidyarthis are provided free accommodation, food and other necessary facilities including access to modern technology. A devoted and dedicated team of staff take care of the Vidyarthi’s traditional education, modern education, nutrition, medical needs and recreational activities.

"Sampradaya” - a fully residential program designed for girls, is an ideal education system equipping girls with regular schooling blended with a deep rooted understanding & practice of our most cherished cultural values & traditions

List of Patashalas and Students

Our total strength of vidyarthis both (boys and Girls) is more than 800 as on date. Below are the list of Patashalas

S.No Name of Patashalas
1Sri Vaikahanasa Agama Patashala-Avadi-Chennai- Tamil Nadu
2Sri Sankara Samkruta Patashala-Tirupati-AP
3Sri Sankara Samkruta Patashala-Bangalore-Karnataka
4Sri Kamakoti Samarta Patashala- Karvetinagar-AP
5Sri Kamakoti Smarta Patashala-Samalkot-AP
6Sri Kamakoti Pancharatra Patashala-Karveti Nagar=AP
7Sri Shivaagama Patashala-Karveti Nagar-AP
8Sri Nadhaswaram Boys Patashala-Karvetinagar-AP
9Sri Nadhaswaram Boys Patashala-Karvetinagar-AP
10Sri Shankara Shuklayajurveda Patashala-Vijaynagaram-AP
11Sri Kamakoti Sivagama Patashala-Mayavaram-TN
12Sri Kamakoti Triveni Smartha Patashala – Tindivanam,-TN
13Sri Sampradaya Patashala- Tirupati-AP
14Sri Sampradaya Patashala-Hyderabad-Telengana
15Sri Sampradaya Patashala-Nashik-Maharashtra

Integrated Veda Patashalas

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