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About DharmamChara

The Upanishads amid its many philosophical tenets like ‘Matru Devo Bhava’, 'Pitru Devo Bhava’, ‘Satyam Vada’ have appealed to mankind for the need to continuously perform Dharma, ‘DharmamChara’. Dharma in brief can be defined as the sustaining force for a harmonious, meritorious, progressive and peaceful existence. Any action contributing to all of the above, may be termed as Dharma.

Corporates and DharmamChara…

Sri Pratyaksha Charitable Trust initiated a forum of like minded professionals under the guidance of His Holiness Kanchi Kamkaoti Shankaracharya Pujyasri Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal. The forum titled as “DharmamChara” aims to seek support and participation of Corporates and Business Communities in the social and other people welfare projects of Sri Pratyaksha Charitable Trust.

There is an opportunity for the corporates to participate, help and support the activities by contributing to the integrated education system, which is a new model to extend a helping hand by participating in its charity, DharmamChara….

Sri Pratyaksha Charitable trust

Sri Pratyaksha Charitable Trust was started in the year 2008 with the divine blessings of His Holinesses of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam for the development and safeguarding our rich Indian culture, heritage and tradition. His Holinesses has always admired the Unity in Diversity of our nation. The Trust is involved in the noble task of upholding the rich heritage and the tenets of Dharma through a series of activities and programmes through Integrated Patashalas. Integrated Patashalas have been started in various parts of South India for preservation of tradition and culture with the motto to integrate the values of tradition and culture with academic education.

Sri Pratyaksha Charitable Trust, has coursed a new education model by integrating ancient & modern approach, traditional & contemporary practices, cultural & scientific thoughts with a humble objective of building a society with responsible future citizens.

Divine guidance by His Holiness to the Society

IT stands for Indian Traditions. Protection of Heritage and Traditions should happen at once, without further delay, since they cannot be recreated. While Infrastructure and Development is required for Economic Growth, a “Cultural Infrastructure Programme” is the need of the hour for the welfare of society. Prayer is essential so is effort.

Our Focus

Our focus is to render Service to the Society in Various fields besides Spiritual activities. Our focus as part of this initiative is


Below is the recently concluded Webinar organized by the DharmmamChara team